Rio Reservoir • Photo by Gerald Berliner

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Save Orange County’s Last Wilderness

Orange County’s Last Wilderness refers to a 35,000-acre region of western Orange County that abounds in natural resources, rich history, and unique geological features. Unlike other areas north of New York City that have been built, fragmented by development, or protected as parkland, this largely contiguous landscape still remains; a rarity in this day and age.

Flanked by the Delaware River and the Shawangunk Ridge, these lands have long provided clean water, sustainable resources, sporting traditions, and recreation to those inhabiting them. The ponds, wetlands, streams, and rugged geology play a vital, ecological role locally and in the greater Delaware River watershed.

Yet, land does not remain forever wild by chance. Saving the land for the benefit of communities now and in the future requires proactive measures by way of land conservation.

Orange County Land Trust’s new initiative aims to protect this region’s most important lands for the purpose of safeguarding drinking water quality, sustaining wildlife populations, flood resilience, and other goals for the benefit of residents and generations to come.

The river habitats, vast forest, and streams found here represent the largest, critical mass of unprotected land, as everything else is established parkland, fragmented, or built. This 35,000 acre region is unequivocally Orange County’s last remaining wilderness.”

– Jim Delaune
Executive Director

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